Fixed Assets

When you started your business you might have only had a computer, printer, calculator etc. and did not have to worry about whether those items where still used by the business and if the appropriate amount of depreciation has been taken.  If you have been in business for more than three years, it is possible that you have purchased new or additional equipment to operate within your business.  However, you may not realize as you add and remove equipment from your business you need to make sure you have an account of the equipment and that the appropriate depreciation has been taken for tax purposes.

Our fixed asset audit helps you to know what equipment is still in use, what has been sold or taken out of use, whether the depreciation taken has been appropriate for the life of the equipment as well as tag your existing equipment.  This service is essential to your business just like inventory is essential to a retail business  Our fixed asset audit also benefits you for insurance purposes so you and your carrier know what items are being used for business in case of a disaster.

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